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Range Slider Date Help

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Range Slider Date Help


Is there any way the range slider date control can get automatically refreshed. We update data daily for the previous day. So supposed I view my report today, I have to manually click on the range slider (the small clock icon) and choose the rigth hand side date as 20th Nov. I save the report. When tomorrow I login, again I have to choose the right hand side clock date as 21st Nov. I want this to happen automatically. In other words as soon as the data is refreshed and I log into the report I should see the end date (meaning the right hand side clock date) as 21st Nov, instead of having to manually choose it.



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Re: Range Slider Date Help

Hi Manish,

I wish there is a better solution than the one I have. If you a dummy record which has a future date then your problem will be solved. For example in the dummy record you can leave the date at say 31 Dec 2015. Please make sure you do not end up in any data quality issues.


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Re: Range Slider Date Help

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Hi Manish/Arun,

Same problem for me, that any selection object can not be defaulted and stays on its selection after saving.

Beginning this year I already requested this functionality that it should be possible to default a button or range slider with a variable or like in 7.1 parameter.

So that the default selection of a buttonbar could be linked to a formula like "month of today", resulting to a default being always the current month.

This way you might be able to default the date slider selection to a start/end date  being like "today +/-  5 days".

Here another request to development......

greetings  Peter

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Re: Range Slider Date Help

There was a similar discussion earlier. But no good solution. Smiley Sad

And remember, when you have multiple sections in a report, the user have to adjust the period on every section. The user will often miss this, and instead get the wrong information form the report.

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Re: Range Slider Date Help

Is this not a similar issue with filters full stop. We are currently running 6.4 and looking to upgrade to 7.1.

We are fortunate that our processes are annual. But currently it seems like when you have a filter for year say, you are forced to set a default year on the basis of what you have selected at the last time of saving the report during designing phase.

Then when you do an upload of new years data you need go through each report and increment to the next year. It is annoying for us to do a few times a year but I imagine for others it would very very annoying on a daily basis.

I am hoping I have overlooked something but have searched and not found anything helpful.

Would love to hear of an suggestions.


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Re: Range Slider Date Help

As an administrator I have access to the by SAS provided report "Administrator Overview" (table "AUDIT_VISUAL_ANALYTICS"). In the second section is a slider that has always the newest date selected. When the data is refreshed overnight the new day is automatically selected in the slider.

I've tried to find out, how SAS managed this issue in this report but I couldn't find any setting, filter or the like. Maybe there is a way to copy this report or only the specific slider and use it for own reports. Does anybody has a  clue how SAS managed to always have the newest day selected?

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Re: Range Slider Date Help

From SAS Analytics Designer you can’t make slider with “autosize”. There is, however, an unsupported and undocumented way to view the report’s Business Intelligence Report Definition XML (BIRD XML), so that you can change some settings in a report. From SAS Visual Analytics Designer, open the report in Edit mode and ensure the body of the report is the active window by clicking inside a report object. Then click Ctrl + Alt + b to bring up the reports’ BIRD XML.


In find bar first put label of slider, here it is called „Suwak 1” and this way we get its ref=”pr611”.


Then you search reference „pr611”and in <NumericRange> bracket you change max=”20914.0” to max=”30914.0”. Button "Load" will create a new raport with changes in XML. You need to save it.

And voila.

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Re: Range Slider Date Help

Works for me! Thank you very much!
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Re: Range Slider Date Help

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Fantastic! Do you btw. also know how to change the starting date to be always ex. 30 days ago?

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