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Problem with audit reports with VA

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Problem with audit reports with VA

Hi masters!


I'm trying to activate the audit reports in VA but i can't.


I read this article but i get some errors. In my append folder (Lev1\AppData\SASVisualAnalytics\VisualAnalyticsAdministrator\AutoLoad\EVDMLA\Append) the audit_visualanalytics table dont appear but it's appear in Lev1\AppData\SASVisualAnalytics\VisualAnalyticsAdministrator\AutoLoad\EVDMLA folder.


In the logs i get this error:

Lev1\AppData\SASVisualAnalytics\VisualAnalyticsAdministrator\AutoLoad\EVDMLA\Logs --> smp_serverVA_10011.log

ERROR: 1012: Physical file does not exist, D:\PIDs\smp_serverVA_10011.pid.


And i get this Note:

Lev1\Applications\SASVisualAnalytics\VisualAnalyticsAdministrator\EVDMLA\Logs --> AutoLoad_2018.01.10_16.54.52.log

NOTE: The table EVDMLA.AUDIT_VISUALANALYTICS does not exist in the SAS LASR Analytic Server on host 'localhost', port 10011.


Kind regards

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Re: Problem with audit reports with VA

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Hello @JuanDaniel,


yours is a very good, and I find it to be quite a common question.


My best advise for you would be:

This is a good article and it was very helpful on VA 7.1 when there was limited documentation (and restricted by password). However, nowadays, I would rather follow the documentation on the SAS Visual Analytics Administration for your specific version https://support.sas.com/documentation/onlinedoc/va


Also, regarding your error, probably you would need just to create the PID folder and grant permissions to the user that has the autoload schedules. BTW, that user should be also registered in the SAS metadata  and with the appropriate permissions.


About the second error, it probably did not generated that table (please check it on the EVDMA autoload folder) or does not have permissions to see it. Another option is that the internal process that generated the data did not run yet. See the documentation please, it answers every question on how Audit reports do work.


Hope it helps


Kind regards,


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