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Problem with Auditing for SAS Web Applications

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Problem with Auditing for SAS Web Applications

I can conform that there is nothing wrong in pooled workdspace server logs that has the term "audit" or "visualanalytics" (a grep on those words come up empty in the directory

/opt/sas94/m3/Compute/config/Lev1/SASApp/PooledWorkspaceServer/Logs )


Please find the attachment for more info





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Re: Problem with Auditing for SAS Web Applications



I am not very sure what is your point, or your problem. This configuration file only mentions the level of information you waht in your logs for an specific java component (SAS related or non-SAS related). If you want additional information, just change the level from Info, to Debug (as an example).


Since you are showing the logconfig-apm.xml, and you mention the keywords audit or visualanalytics (which never will appear in your logs) I suppose you are refering this because you have followed the steps to enable the Audit Report for Visual Analytics (as described on https://communities.sas.com/t5/SAS-Communities-Library/Getting-started-with-SAS-Visual-Analytics-7-1... ). Therefore, your usermods config file for the PooledWorkspace server, should already refer (not commented) to this -logconfigfile parameter and value. Right? And the performance information will be logged on .arm and.log files, then collected on a nightly basis for your Audit Reports.

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