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Parameters - SAS Visual Analytics

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Parameters - SAS Visual Analytics

What are the advantages of using the parameters in SAS Visual Analytics?

Wich values should be entered as "Min Value", "Max Value" and "Current Value" in a numeric parameter?

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Re: Parameters - SAS Visual Analytics

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Parameters allow you to provide flexibility and a dynamic value to be used in your SAS Visual Analytics report. There is information on what parameters are with some examples in the user guide - SAS(R) Visual Analytics 7.1: User's Guide - Overview of Parameters You can also use parameters globally in relation to your data and some information on this can be found at SAS(R) Visual Analytics 7.1: User's Guide - Global Parameters

The values of "Min Value", "Max Value" are for the range of values you wish to use/accept for your lower and upper bounds and the "Current Value" will be the default value for your parameter. It depends on how you are using parameters to know exactly what numeric value should be used.

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