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Parallel period on retail 445 calendar

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Parallel period on retail 445 calendar

Dear all,
Our client needs a VA report with the actual sales and previous year sales based on retail 445 calendar.
He needs to see monday's (4.01.2014) sales (first day of week 1, 2016) in parallel with monday's ( 5.01.2015) sales (first day of week 1, 2015), and so on.
And all must be aggregate on a hierarchy made of Retail Year/Retail month/Retail week/Day of week(Date) . We have build a calendar tabel that have for each day the retail year, retail month, week of the year and the corresponding date of previous year.
Is there any way of calculating previous year sales using ParallelPeriod function or a self join or another formula on frontend? Or the only possibility to give him this numbers is to build the fact table with previous year sales precalculated?
Thank you in advance,


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Re: Parallel period on retail 445 calendar

Hi Adelaida,


The ParallelPeriod operator only uses a standard calendar year (or quarter or month).


Possibly in a future release we could add support for more types of time periods. The development team is looking into it.





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