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On the fly execution of business logic

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On the fly execution of business logic

Hi All

I have been given a requirement where a business logic has to be executed on the fly on the basis of the date parameters selected. Now the data is such that i have a :








The client wants to know how many transactions have come with Same Customer_Name and Different Tax_Number for a selected date range using filters on VA.

Since its a batch related rule I would have to run the duplicate logic on the data between the 2 selected dates.

My question is how can I execute a data query/proc sql or I am not sure what on the selection of 2 dates. I cannot find a mechanism where i can trigger this logic on selection of the 2 dates.


Hope someone can help me ot there.

P.S: i really do not want to use an alternate (excel macro) to do this. The business already uses excel extensively and the management wants them to get off it.




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Re: On the fly execution of business logic

You might be able to do this using a calculated column that compares the transaction date to the two date parameters and produces a yes or no outcome which you could then filter on.


Theres a useful post here on how to use dates as parameters (its not out of the box functionality)




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Re: On the fly execution of business logic

Hi Samir,

if you create a crostab with the customer name as first column and the tax nummer as second,

you use the count as report value.

if you ad a sliderbar to this report you can select a date range. Link the silderbar to the crostab.

as far as i can judge your problem, this should do the job.

I could show you a sample with other data how its done.



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Re: On the fly execution of business logic

Hi Peter

Apologies for the late response and Thank you for responding to my query. Well I think I did not explain the scenario properly so let me try again:

Consider a user interface with From Date and To Date and a Submit button. On the click of the button a query needs to run and populate a table. 

"select count(distinct name) , tax_number



group by tax_number

having count(distinct name)>1"

This is what I need to achieve using SAS VA. Is this possible?





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Re: On the fly execution of business logic

Hi Samir.

You can create an agregated measure (maybe combined with a calculated item) as being the querry expression.   

The gouping will be done by the crosstable.  From date to date is the filtering.


So if you start cut down the querry into serveral parts of SAS VA functionality, it should work.

If you see possiblilies in this appreach, I gladly help you out.



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