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Objects position change on SAS BI app

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Objects position change on SAS BI app

Reports when viewed in SAS BI app on Ipad have different formatting from the ones created and viewed in SAS VA software on web.

Buttons and filters positioning change when viewed on SAS BI app, they are crunched to one side of the screen.

Report view on Ipad is not same as Tablet view (under aspect ratio) on SAS visual designer. 

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Re: Objects position change on SAS BI app

Hi Shika,

please check you settings of the BI app on your iPad.

If you have the Best-Fit option switched on, the graphics will be re-arranged to a "best fit".

If this option is switched off the app will show the graphics in the same way as the web report designer .


Please be aware that the number of pixels on your iPad is much lower than on your web-screen.

Do not expect the result to be visually acceptable if you have much objects.


I always create seperate report for Web / iPad and even iPhone and take care that they can only use the right ones.


Greetings  Peter




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