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Nice SAS VA Reports to download?

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Nice SAS VA Reports to download?

Hello all,

please is there any place where I can download nice SAS VA Reports for inspiration?

Some demo data+report exported in .spk file?



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Re: Nice SAS VA Reports to download?

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Hi Jan,


I would suggest looking at the sample reports that are on the SAS Visual Analytics interactive demo area at http://www.sas.com/en_us/software/business-intelligence/visual-analytics/demo.html and also the sample reports that are within the SAS Mobile BI app.


People may not be able to package up their SAS Visual Analytics reports and demo data due to the sensitivity of the metadata details.


Kind Regards,


P.S. @AnnaBrown as an idea, perhaps we could have a page/article where people can add link(s) to their SAS Visual Analytics internet accessible site for the sharing and collaboration of ideas? 

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Re: Nice SAS VA Reports to download?

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That is a great idea, Michelle! I'll do some thinking with the SAS VA crew on the best way to start something like that here on the community. I like it.



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Re: Nice SAS VA Reports to download?

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Hello everyone,


Like Jan, I also search for inspiration when stuck on how to display certain items.  Wouldn't it be interesting if we could have a portfolio attached to our user names that individuals could search through based on the category the designer puts it under?  It could be similar to the demo Michelle referred to, so no real data would be able to captured by the viewer, but it would be a good chance for people to show their skills.   Maybe they could even get likes on portfolio items?  It might turn the forum from mostly problem solving to innovative collaboration...


Some of the issues a lot of the new VA designers come across is they do not necessarily have the SAS programming background, so their experience with creating graphs and charts comes from other software that might not have the same interface or customization that SAS offers.  These screenshot type samples help to let users know what is possible.





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Re: Nice SAS VA Reports to download?

Great ideas, Mike! We have the VA custom graph series of articles that show examples of custom graphs that can be created in VA.


But what I'm hearing is a need for built-in graph examples as well, and a way to share, talk and collaborate on those in the community. There's potential to hold this kind effort through a new functionality coming from the community software vendor that gives a "Pinterest-like" experience. I'll dig into what we can do with that function, timing of its release, and if it'd be right for this project. 

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