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Moving Average in Visual Analytics 7.4 (in a Dynamic Label)

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Moving Average in Visual Analytics 7.4 (in a Dynamic Label)

Hello experts,

Starting in version 7.4 SAS introduced the very useful functionality of "dynamic labels".


I'm trying to display just the average of one measure (let's say Revenues) over the 3 last months. The question here is: how SAS will know from which month to start when I'm using relative period. Should I use a parameter? And how? Smiley Happy


This works perfectly if I put a "crosstab" with all the months and calculate the average with "RelativePeriod" function. However, if I don't want to display all the months and just present the average (in a dynamic label) how can I construct this?


Thank you very much in advance.




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Re: Moving Average in Visual Analytics 7.4 (in a Dynamic Label)

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Hello Rodrigo,


Moving Average is an aggregated operator and it doesn't really work unless it is assigned to a visual like a crosstab or graph.


As dynamic text in a Text object, there is no aggregation context to work with. (Arguably, you should not be able to assign aggregated measures as dynamic text.)


In general, making a dynamic date selection based on the most recent date can be tricky. I seem to understand it is a limitation of how LASR and now CAS handle date values, but it is frustrating. Hopefully someone can help you find a good workaround.



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