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Month/Week on Line chart with drop down

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Month/Week on Line chart with drop down



I am trying to develop a graph (in SAS VA 7.1) that has both Month and Week metrics.  We want to be able to see the graph at a monthly view, but then if we click a drop down or button we can change that same view to week.  It would change the category from month to week.


The only way so far that I can figure out how to do this is to use the time metric as a text field and then concatenate the dataset together by stacking month on top of week.  It has a variable called time (month or week).  As you pick it it changes the graph.


The issue (as i am sure you're all aware), is that since it's a text varibable it sorts in alphabetical order.  


I can't really use the custom sort since the data changes and there are way more weeks than the custom sort will allow. 


Any ideas?  I have been all over this community but have not seen any thing.





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Re: Month/Week on Line chart with drop down

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Would it help to define Month-Week as a time hierarchy?
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Re: Month/Week on Line chart with drop down

Thamks for the reply.


I actually tried that.  It would only work if there was a control that "expanded" all time metrics.  It won't let me add hierarchy to any type of control.


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