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Mobile app - Can't enter updated report + offline capacity

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Mobile app - Can't enter updated report + offline capacity


I have 2 questions about problems we're having with the mobile bi app on VA-reports.

(1) When a user enters the app and a report is updated (report is changed or data source has been updated), the app shows the updating process and gives the report an 'updated' flag. No problems so far. But now the user can't enter the updated report. Tapping on it doesn't work. After exiting and re-entering the app, the report can't be opened again. But that's not a user-friendly solution to the problem. Any experiences on this?

(2) Users must be connected with VNP to download reports to their portfolio or to load new data into their reports. But I suppose that when a report has been loaded onto the device, VNP connection is no longer necessary to use the report. However, when our users want to use the downloaded reports without VPN connection, the reports can be opened, but they become unusable when a filter is adjusted. When f.ex. the user changes the selected month, all graphs, tables... keep on loading (even up to half an hour). By this means, the users can't acces the data at any time/any place.

Thanks in advance for your help or suggestions!

Kind regards


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