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Mobile BI Offline Capability

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Mobile BI Offline Capability

Dear All,

I am using Ipad and I have downloaded report that has 8 sections in it. I am unable to interact with the report objects offline. When I click on a report object, it doesn't filter instead it gives me a warning symbol asking me to connect to wifi/ cellular.

Reports must work offline isn't it?. It's not a big dataset as well and the size of the data set is small. Some of the details are as follows.

Size of the dataset used: 7Mb

No. of rows: 30,000

No. of col: 15

SAS VA version: 6.3

Ipad Mobile BI version: 6.3

Tried with other dataset just to check whether it does only with the past one. However its the same condition with the other dataset as well. So it indicates me that it is not the problem with the datasets nor the reports that I have created. I have raised this concern to SAS support and they have acknowledged me that they too experience the same issue while trying to fix the problem.


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Re: Mobile BI Offline Capability

@satlr, whether the data is stored on the mobile device (whether iOS or Android) is dictated by the capabilities assigned to your user ID.  Based on what you are reporting, I assume that your administrator has it set to not permit you to store data on the device.

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Re: Mobile BI Offline Capability

satlr, adding onto David's reply, please check if you are an administrator or not, the administrator has the option checked for connected only access which could be your issue as well.



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