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Microsoft SSAS Cube access

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Microsoft SSAS Cube access



We have Microsoft SSAS cubes deployed on our SQL Server. I read that SAS Visual Analytics using SAS/Access can access the OLAP cube. My question is that: Does it need a MDX expression to query the cube.


In other data visualization vendor products, the access to the SSAS cube is seamless i.e. i don't have to write a MDX query and access to dimension or fact is seamless.


Any feedback on the above is really appreciated. 




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Re: Microsoft SSAS Cube access

Access to OLAP data uses the SAS/ACCESS to OLEDB licence.

As I understand it, you could either use MDX in SQL pass through (like any other ACCESS engine).

You could also use views, but they need to be created on the SQL Server side by using MDX. If you already have those, then it's seamless...Smiley Wink



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