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Logon never expires

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Logon never expires

Hi all

Does anyone know if it's possible to keep a user logged on in SAS VA? Right now a user is logged out after 15 minutes or so - but we'd like to have a report running on a big screen in the office => Automatic logout is no fun Smiley Happy

/Rasmus Rymark

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Re: Logon never expires

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Hi Rasmus,

As you have discovered the default timeout is 15 minutes. It is possible to change the viewerservices.passcode.timeout Transport Services Property to change how frequently a user must re-enter his or her passcode however this would affect all users. Have you considered using the Guest account with your SAS Visual Analytics environment?

From the SAS Visual Analytics 7.1 Administrator Guide  - In guest access, there is no individualized authentication of the requesting user, so there are no requirements for individual user accounts or metadata identities. Instead, all users who connect to a guest access URL are authenticated as the same service account (the SAS Anonymous Web User). That service account functions as the single surrogate identity for all connecting users. http://support.sas.com/documentation/solutions/va/71/en/vaag.pdf (you'll need the user id and password from SAS Technical Support)

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