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Load SAS LASR Servers with script

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Load SAS LASR Servers with script

Hello All – We are using SAS VA 7.3 and want to know (as an Admin) how to start the LASR Servers after re-start of SAS Server and its services (SAS Services).

Here is my scenario:

          We have an internal application which our operation staff using to run jobs, processes, scheduling different job flow through our company.

          I have created an automated process to stop and start SAS services, this process will get called by our internal application in case of unexpected like power outage… this way all of SAS services will load in order.

I have also have a process in place which will load LASR tables. Both two above processes do work very well but one thing that I have not able to figure out is how to automate and start the LASR Server after SAS Services are started. If LASR Servers are not started the automated process could not load the tables into LASR. I am looking for a SAS script or something similar that I can place into a .bat file which can be called by our external tool right after all SAS Services are started. I will attach an image and much appreciated any feedback and help.




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Re: Load SAS LASR Servers with script

In your "internal application" which restarts the other SAS services, have you included a script to restart the LASR services?


cd SAS-config-dir/Levn/Applications/SASVisualAnalyticsX.X/
  HighPerformanceConfiguration/LASRMonitor.sh restart


(This is a Linux command, but the same would apply for your Windows *.bat script)


You can also define certain LASR tables to "Reload-On-Start" so they are always available (once the LASR servers are up).


Is that what you are after, or is something more detailed?




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Re: Load SAS LASR Servers with script



You can use the autoload process to start the LASR server automatically and reload the data.

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Re: Load SAS LASR Servers with script

Thank you to both of your @AndrewHowell and @alexal for your reply and info.  @AndrewHowell I was able to branch to the folder but there the only file is there a .bat file which is empty, it just contains the some info text and that's all.   Based on the SAS document I can't use the autoload to load database tables and that's what I am doing.

Autoload is not a universal method. You cannot autoload ZIP files, database tables, or data from Google Analytics, Facebook, or Twitter.
Lets say for some reason all of my SAS servers need to be restarted at 2 in the morning and I don't want to get call. 
- First, I need to (in order) stop all of the SAS services - I have created a .bat file that operation can call (using our internal app), then they restart all of our SAS servers.
- Second, after all SAS servers are on-line they call another .bat file which will starts all of SAS services on all of our servers (in order).
- Now, what I need is to start LASR Servers automatically instead of starting only manually (from the LASR Servers tab), this is the part I want to automate or have a .bat that can get called by our internal app.
- I have a process in place .bat using sasbatch.bat to load jobs (used query builder to create and load tables into LASR), when this .bat called it will go through a list and loads all of my database tables into LASR and it works perfectly.
The only thing I am missing is how to start LASR Servers automatically instead of starting only manually (from the LASR Servers tab).
Is it possible to create a dummy SAS dataset to load as an autoload process which in result (per documentation) will start the LASR server?  If so (per my image I loaded earlier) you can see I have three LASR Servers, one is automatically is getting started (middle one) how can I do the same for other two?
Thanks and I hope my explanation is useful.
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Re: Load SAS LASR Servers with script

Autoload - correct: this is limited to SAS tables, CSV files & Excel spreadsheets.


To my knowledge, when installing a SAS platform, the deployment scripts create a range of customised site-specific "start" and "stop" script files, which should perform precisely what you are after. I'm concerned you might be asking us for generic solutions to a specific issue.


I suggest you discuss with whoever installed your SAS platform.

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Re: Load SAS LASR Servers with script

Posted in reply to AndrewHowell

Agree @AndrewHowell, SAS did the install.  I normally like the community first just in-case someone been through the same.  I will post the result and my findings from SAS support.


Thanks again

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