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Listing Invalid Metadata Objects

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Listing Invalid Metadata Objects


Can any body tell me how to list all invalid objects in SAS management console folders . This will help me a lot in verifying contents on setups with large number of objects.

Any code of sample will be fine.



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Re: Listing Invalid Metadata Objects

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At first the SMC is just an interface to the SAS metadatabase. Please use the correct namings as your follow up is indicating you are wanting to verify the metadatabase.

As with all databases you can not know whether the content is valid or not. That logical content of data quality should be evaluated in a different way.

Tools exist as extension in the SMC (metacoda), The even manager or offloading (like user-sync macros) could be first steps, The use of APM tailored reports is an other option

The technical structure can be validated SAS(R) 9.4 Intelligence Platform: System Administration Guide, Third Edition.  = Analyze and Repair Metadata (sas-analyze-metadata)

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