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Linking bubble map to table - how do I lock a value as standard?

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Linking bubble map to table - how do I lock a value as standard?

Hi there


I've created a bubble map with data for different locations. The data consists of values based on character variables and a row with a "total sum". The bubbles size are difined by the total sum by a filter.


On my right, a have linked a table to the bubble map. Clicking on a bubble presents the disaggregated values for the selected area in the table divided according to the character values.


Now, my problem is: If I click outside a bubble, the presented table sums up all values. This gives me a wrong total sum, so I don't really want this function. Instead, I would like one of the areas to be predefined / preselected.


Any ideas how to set this up?


- MikA



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Re: Linking bubble map to table - how do I lock a value as standard?



I have a WHAT-IDEA of a possible solution for you but NOT an exact HOW-TO solution for you.


If you want the right hand side List Table or Crosstab to have some kind of default filter, perhaps you can accomplish that via the use of Parameters since Parameters can be defined with Current/Default values.


Here is a general write-up of this feature set.  Keep in mind that this write-up is NOT in direction relation (~apples to apples) to your scenario.



Note ... be sure to check the Comments section of this Blog posting as well.


And my thought process is that basically hopefully your List Table or Crosstab can have a filter that states Where Location = Location_Parameter.  And then each click of the Bubble Plot would then populate the Parameter to something else.



Ted Stolarczyk, SAS Customer Loyalty team


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