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Latest version of SAS Mobile BI for iOS incorporates accessibility technology

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Latest version of SAS Mobile BI for iOS incorporates accessibility technology

SAS builds in accessibility as a foundational element of what we do. It's a philosophy we share with Apple. Sarah Herrlinger, Director of Accessibility at Apple, and Ed Summers, Director of Accessibility at SAS, discuss how they apply this philosophy to product development in their SAS Global Forum 2018 presentation. Apple produces operating systems that are widely adopted by people with disabilities; SAS makes it a priority to build out accessible analytics on these platforms, like iOS, for example.


The latest version of the free SAS Mobile BI app for iOS incorporates technology that turns graphs into sound, so people with disabilities can find them useful. The SAS Global Forum presentation gives a demo of the SAS Mobile BI app, showing how you can view SAS Visual Analytics reports, using components developed by Apple to sonify the graphs, with or without voice over. Here's the presentation:



I got a chance to catch up with Ed on the Quad (aka demo floor) at SAS Global Forum as well. He shared info about SAS Mobile BI for iOS and what else SAS has been developing for people with disabilities. Check it out:



Lastly, thanks to Ed, I came away with a great lesson on how to talk about people with disabilities. I describe this frank and humbling moment in a LinkedIn article. After reading it, I hope you’ll come away with a greater comfort level in discussions about people with cognitive disabilities, people with physical disabilities, and more. I know I sure did.

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