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Lasr library table reading

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Lasr library table reading

Hi All,


I would like to read the LASR library table in the Enterprise guide.


{i have already loaded the table into lasr library , then i can able to design the report in va. but i would like to open the table in EG and need to join with another table for my analysis. }


please share your views.



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Re: Lasr library table reading

Hello @vallsas,


to read the table, just call to the libname where you loaded the dataset, you can take it from the SAS Management Console, on the library's properties.


About joining the table, I would definetely not do it with the table loaded in LASR/memory (so, outside from the LASR libname, another libname on the disk). I would join the tables first outside from VA, and load only the final table to LASR/memory.


Best regards,


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Re: Lasr library table reading

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Hi Juan,

Thanks, Yes, i will join outside of the the LASR library not direct .. i will read from LASR and creating new Dataset and the join into another dataset.. create a final dataset ..its only for my analysis..

whether my required data is there in the LASR library or not..(kind of testing or ensuring the all the required data avaliable for busers )
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