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LASR table size differs from HDFS library

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LASR table size differs from HDFS library

Hello All,

I have noticed that the table size in LASR is not equal to HDFS library. Is it possible that when we load table first into HDFS and then load into LASR . in my case I did the same thing but size it not same in LASR as compared to HDFS. 


I could sense that LASR library is not reading the latest of HDFS library. Any Idea how to get lastest table from HDFS to LASR.


example : HDFS 4.30 GB , lasr 4.12 gb . i have not used any compression option(of course there  is not compression option while loading HDFS to Lasr) (we know there will be message the LASR table will have the same compression as the source table).


How to check whether HDFS and LASR having same version the table (size or update)..

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Re: LASR table size differs from HDFS library

Hello @vallsas,


assuming that it is correct the information regarding compression, have you already tried to run something like what is in this document? It helps to understand the memory management in LASR: http://support.sas.com/documentation/cdl/en/inmsref/67629/HTML/default/viewer.htm#p050lknh5xepngn1s2...

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Re: LASR table size differs from HDFS library


I would like to see the output from "proc contents" for this dataset from both HDFS and LASR library.


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