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LASR server wont start via 'Manage Environment'

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LASR server wont start via 'Manage Environment'

'Our SAS VA was upgraded from 6.2 to 7.1 at the end of 2014.  i have just restarted the server for the first time and when I go onto the Admininstration page via a browser and get to the 'Manage Environment' tab - The server wont actually start.  Despite getting a box with green writing pop up at the bottom of the screen saying the LASR server was succesfully started - the red circle never turn to green.  If I run some code in base SAS I can get the server to start - however if I then stop the SAS session the connection disconnects.  Proc vasmp doesnt ever finish - I did see some documentation for this on Programmatically starting and stopping an Analytic LASR Server in the VA 6.2 environment in a non-di... saying to add in 'nohup &' - but I cant seem to make the syntax correct.

i can also see from the log when I attempt to start the server that it shows a line saying:

startserver = ( path = SAS94\.....\SASVisualAnaytics6.2 )

This suggests to me that it is trying to start the previous version, i.e. before the upgrade to 7.1

Has anyone else come accross an issue like this?

Thanks in advance.,

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