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Issues that affected SAS Visual Analytics

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Issues that affected SAS Visual Analytics

Hi All,


Currently we are using SAS VA 7.3 M3 in our environment on both IE and Chrome. We are facing the some issues as,


1. VA not available after restart following CPU & RAM upgrade.

2. Users not available to load data to VA following CPU & RAM upgrade.

3. VA is freezing while switching from Report Viewer mode to Report Designer mode or vice vesa.

4. In VA Report viewer unable to see the reports for some users, and for some users able to see the report names, but unable to open.


Can anyone help out in this ASAP!!




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Re: Issues that affected SAS Visual Analytics

Its hard to offer the right advice when we have no details of your VA architecture. Also some of your problems are contradictory. If VA is not available how come you can use Report Designer?


  • Are you Windows non-distributed or Linux distributed?
  • Do you have separate OS servers for metadata, Application, and mid-tier or not?


For separate servers ensure they are started in the correct order: metadata, then application, then mid-tier. Then confirm all SAS VA services on all servers are running.



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