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Integration with D3

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Integration with D3

Hi All,

Would like to understand if anyone has done any exercise / PoC / Project wherein we have incorporated the visualization and interactivity of D3 as part of the SAS Visual Analytic environment. Alternatively is like QlkView,  do we have an open set of API that can be integrated via other visualization options/product.

We are having an engagement where in the customer is extremely rigid with the visualization , some of the visualization he expects to see are interactive dough-nuts ,   Single Column expandable / collapsible table etc.

Do let me know if the same is attempted,  and any limitation to this approach.


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Re: Integration with D3

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Hi Danny, you might want to check out Graph Builder first to see if there is customization you can do for your customization there. I haven't used D3, but I believe the way to incorporate D3 for your customer would need to be via stored processes (include your D3 javascript inside the stored process).



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