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Importing data dynamically into SAS VA using SAS Base

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Importing data dynamically into SAS VA using SAS Base

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I'm tyring to figure out importing data (from SQL database) dynamically to Non-distributed SAS VA using SAS Base.

For example, I'd like to extract last 90 days of data from SQL database.

So, I can use SAS code below to pull last 90 days data.

%let date_window=90;


proc sql; connect to odbc as DBData (DSN=DSNdata user=user1 pw=userpw);
create table Defect as
select * from connection to Defect
DECLARE @Date datetime
SET @Date = DATEADD(day, DATEDIFF(day, 0, GetDate()),0) - &date_window.

FROM [DBName].[schema].[Table]
where ATTIME >@date



Then, at SAS script level, I'd like to know

1. how to load and unload the created 'Defect' table to SAS VA

2. how to delete/clear the data from SAS VA (LASR Tables) once it has been loaded 

3. (I'm one fo the admins of SAS VA instantiated) where I can check SAS VA config info such as port. 


Please give some help! Smiley Happy 


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Re: Importing data dynamically into SAS VA using SAS Base

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You might consider using the Autoload feature for this task.  You can drop a dataset to the host file system and the autoloader will place it in the LASR server.  It manages the task quiet nicely.


Here's an overview of the process:


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