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Importing Excel file

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Importing Excel file

Hi everyone,


I am trying to upload an Excel file as a data source in the report designer.

The problem is that I have numeric values (which suppose to be measures), SAS VA is considering some of these values as Categories and others as Measures.

I tried to copy right format (from the measurment columns) to the categories columns, changing the format to numeric and nothing works.

When I replace these categories values with values that I enter by hand, it works.

Can anyone help please?

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Re: Importing Excel file

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 The most common reason why a numeric column is imported as character is that there is a non-numeric character somewhere in the column. Even a single blank space in a cell can cause this. What I usually recommend is to convert the file to CSV. In the Import Data dialog, select to scan only rows that have visible values. This usually eliminates any issues with blanks.

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