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Import Calculated Items from another Data Source

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Import Calculated Items from another Data Source

Hi mates,


Is there any possiblity to import all my calculated items that was created for an specific report, to another report or Data Source ?

If yes, How ?


Thanks in Advance

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Re: Import Calculated Items from another Data Source

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I don't know if it is possible to import the calculated items all at once.

If you have a huge number of calculated items, you might want to save the original report as a copy and work from that when you want to make a new report.

You can easily copy calculated items by entering the Text mode in the Edit Calculated Item window. Then you can copy the expression for the calculated item and paste it into your other report. If you copy the expressions for all your items into a text file, that would minimize the back-and-forth between reports.

Hopefully that might help a little.


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