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Import CSV file through data query in SAS VA

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Import CSV file through data query in SAS VA

Hello SAS Community,


I have couple of clarification. Please clarify on this


1.Is it possible import data from a file using data query in SAS VA library?


2.I will explain briefly about our scenario.


We have list of CSV file need to load everyday into SAS VA. This process is doing by manually, so we want load this file into VA automatically without manual interruption.


While loading we want check couple of conditions (e.g File exist, File name pattern, File Format, column format etc…) and send mail to relevant person based on result of the condition.


I know this we can implement easily in Base SAS. Is to possible to implement in SAS VA using data query? If yes, Please guide us how to implement it.


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Re: Import CSV file through data query in SAS VA

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if you have an ETL server as SAS Data Integration / SAS Data Management, I would surely do it on that server with all the controls as I want, then I would schedule the load after the controls.


Besides this, and answering your question, I don't think you can implement those conditions directly on Data Query Builder. You can create the CSV load in Data Query Builder, then schedule the load and modify the result sas code... but this will need extra of your attention each time you will maintain the data loa, to re implement the conditions.

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