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Hypelink For individual row in SAS VA

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Hypelink For individual row in SAS VA

Hello All,

 I am trying to create a report hyperlink against each row of data with different hyperlink, so that when the hyperlink is clicked it will take the user to a particular web page.

For example, I have created a flat file which contains a variable named hyperlink which contains link for individual row. I have created one more variable using anchor tab say "New_Link". Code used to create this variable is "(compbl('<a href="http://'||link ||'" target=new> Click here</a>')). 

Now I want in VA if I click on image one info window appears which has values of this table and new variable i.e. "New_Link" should shows the value "Click here" which directs to the respective hyperlink.

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Re: Hypelink For individual row in SAS VA

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