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How to use EG dataset to Visual analytics

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How to use EG dataset to Visual analytics

Hi guys,


I was wondering if there is a way to use what EG generated dataset and apply it to VA for reporting purpose. In my situation, I would like use EG as data management tool to build lots of queries and filters to generate a dataset that ready to report, and the next step would be use this perfectly organized data to report on VA (Since VA has so many cool reporting tools).


Some other info, the EG and VA are installed in two different servers, my initial idea would be, using task scheduler in EG to generate new data every day, the BIG problem is, how do I link those data I created to VA? and I would want automate this process to make sure the report I builid in VA are reflecting the most recent data.



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Re: How to use EG dataset to Visual analytics



you can load any SAS table (which cames from EG or not) into SAS VA on different ways:


- use the Auto Load functionality: really easy, just drop the table in a shared location and after some time it will be automatically loaded into VA. Really nice.

- If you drop the table on any location reachable by SAS VA, you can load the table through the query builder, which can be automated through scheduling.

- You can also load the table manually through the interface, if you have the correct authorizations.

You can see additional information and details on: http://blogs.sas.com/content/sgf/2014/05/07/sas-visual-analytics-loading-data-into-memory/


Additionally, since EG 7.1, there are new functionalities to manually load a SAS table into SAS VA. Please read this wonderful post: http://bi-notes.com/2015/10/oh-snap-upload-data-to-the-lasr-server-just-like-that/

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