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How to publish SAS VA reports on external Websites

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How to publish SAS VA reports on external Websites



I want to understand how can we publish a full fledged interactive report on an external website or maybe my company's website so that anyone irrespective of roles and capabilities can view the report anyways.


Thanks in advance!

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Re: How to publish SAS VA reports on external Websites

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Hi there,


You have a few steps to do:


1- To allow external access to report without needing user credentials you have to enable guest access. Which you can do following this steps:

  1. In SAS Management Console, navigate to Application Management > Configuration Manager „ > SAS Application Infrastructure.
  2. Expand Visual Analytics and set the AllowGuest property to true on the Advanced tab in the Properties for these components:
  • Visual Analytics Services > Visual Analytics Transport Service
  • Visual Analytics Viewer
  • Visual Analytics Hub
  1. Restart the web application server.


2- You may have to give permission for external websites to access SAS Server (put your website or domain in the "whitelist"). You can find all the information on this link (http://go.documentation.sas.com/?docsetId=bimtag&docsetTarget=p1xtsni38p58t3n1ljd2fy4c3joz.htm&docse...


3- Get the URL to the report which you can use this model that already works for me: 

You will replace the bold for the information on your report, if you have any "space" in the report name or the report path you can replace it for "+"
You can find a few more details on report path and parameters to URL on this link (https://amadeus.co.uk/sas-tips/passing-parameters-into-a-visual-analytics-report/)



I Hope it helps!

Best Regards


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