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How to pass data item value in the parameter

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How to pass data item value in the parameter

Hello Experts,

Just wanna ask if passing data item value to parameter is possible in SAS VA? Here's my scenario... I have 2 different data sources in the report. Let say the first data source is Summary Data Source and the other one is the Details Data Source. Now, I want to calculate the percentage, the calculation would be.. (Data Item 1 / (Total Count + Data Item 2)). However, The Data Item 1 and Data Item 2 are from Details Data Source and the Total Count is from Summary Data Source. At first, to get the desired result I joined the 2 Data Sources but I am not satisfied with the logic of (join) data source as I used CASE WHEN statement (it is too long..). However, I got the correct calculation using the first solution solution. Now, I have 2nd solution by using Parameter (please see below).

2nd Solution:

from the Summary Data Source I created a parameter (let say 'Total Count Parameter'). then, to the Details Data Source I used the 'Total Count Parameter' in my 'Aggregated Percentage Measure' to calculate the percentage (e.g: Data Item 1 / ('Total Count Parameter' + Data Item 2)). Then in the Canvas I dragged Text Input and List Table objects. In Text Input object Role Tab I set the 'Total Count Parameter' as parameter and for List Table object I dragged 'Aggregated Percentage Measure'. The calculation was correct when User key in the value in Text Input object. However, the User don't want to key in the value in the Text Input they want to change the 'Aggregated Percentage Measure' interactively. Now, I am thinking how to pass the data item value to parameter. Smiley Happy

I hope anyone can answer my question. How to pass data item value in the parameter in SAS VA?? Smiley Happy

Thank you!

Best regards!

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Re: How to pass data item value in the parameter


Full automatic way probably is not possible. You can make some iprovement using button-bar (filled with total value) instead text field to pass value to parameter. After click parameter will get desired value?


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Re: How to pass data item value in the parameter

This post about using External Links may assist you by understanding how parameters are used to communicate to Twitter, Google, and Bing.


3 Simple Steps for Linking to External Data from Your Visual Analytics Report

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