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How to change speedometers values?

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How to change speedometers values?

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Hello All,


At the moment I'm trying to make a few speedometers in SASVA, where I want SASVA to show the data in thousandnumbers only. 

But for some reason I can't find the option to only show the data in thousandnumbers. Here is an example of 2 speedometers, where the one on the right shows the data automatically in millions and the one on the right shows it automatically in thousands.




How can I change the speedometer on the left to show the data in thousands instead of millions? For example:

11 (million) needs to be 11.000.000 

4 (million) needs to be 400.000


Thanks in advance!


D. Heijink


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Re: How to change speedometers values?

Have you tried the format option within the proc where you're creating the gauge?


"FORMAT=“SAS-format” specifies a SAS format for the boundary and actual values. The default format is BEST. For example, you can use format="percent8.0" to display values as percentages or format="datetime7." to display SAS datetime values in the format ddmmmyy."



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