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How to change URL of Visual Analytics using alias instead of Hostname

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How to change URL of Visual Analytics using alias instead of Hostname

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I am trying to customize the Visual Analytics URL using Alias instead of Hostname. But when I access to VA, the URL will be changed and displayed with Hostname of root node. Please anyone give me advice.


My Visual Analytics Environment is as following.

  • VA is configured as distributed with 4 Servers. Version of VA is Visual Analytics 7.3
  •  HostName : server10023, server10024, server10025, and server10026. Root node is server10023.
  • AliasName : va-mycompany.com.
  • Registered DNS A records with server hostname and alias name. Alias is registered with root node's IP Address.
  • Changed "ServerName" directive in "SAS/config/Lev1/Web/WebServer/conf/httpd.conf" from server's hostname to alias.

From my web browser "http://va-mycompany.com:7980/SASVisualAnalyticsHub/" is accessible. But once logon page show up, URL will be displayed as "http://server 10023:7980/SASVisualAnalyticsHub/".

Is there any way to use alias name for URL of VA? We do not have reverse proxy server. 



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Re: How to change URL of Visual Analytics using alias instead of Hostname

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Hello @AsakoOkano,


how have you applied this change, exactly?


Here some guidelines for a full alias change:

On every server.


  1. Stop all your SAS services, including all the LASR service. Keep SAS Metadata Server UP.
  2. Update hostname of the short hostname to the short alias
    1. http://support.sas.com/documentation/cdl/en/bisag/68240/HTML/default/viewer.htm#n0zdcqxsmd21wtn17vt0...
    2. http://support.sas.com/documentation/cdl/en/bisag/68240/HTML/default/viewer.htm#n1ov3paky6afj8n1bj7l...
  3. Follow same process to update hostname, from fully quallified hostname (fqdn) to the fqdn of your alias
  4. Just to be sure, probably you would like to grep/search for your configuration files and sas code (such as on the data builder queries) to change the short hostname and fqdn to the short alias and the fqdn of the alias.
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