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How to Access SAS URL in a different network

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How to Access SAS URL in a different network



Kindly help me how to access SAS URL in a different network.

I am getting the home screen but after logging in to the front end its getting signed out automatically and throwing this error

" SAS® Logon Manager

For increased security, sign out and close your web browser when you finish accessing services that require authentication.



Kindly hepl us how to resolve this issue.

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Re: How to Access SAS URL in a different network

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I have a user getting the same error.  Just to add more detail, I've cleared temporary internet files, deleted and recreated the user's account in Metadata, rebooted, tried Chrome and IE, reset the security and advancded settings in IE to their default, checked for hung/running jobs for the user - none - and he still gets this error.  I've opened a track with SAS Support for this, and will reply here again if they provide me with a solution.

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