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How do configure url without port in Sas Visual Analytics

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How do configure url without port in Sas Visual Analytics

HI guys,


How do I can configure url without port in SAS Visual Analytics, for example in :



Can I do configure without PORT 7980 ?


Thank you for your help....

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Re: How do configure url without port in Sas Visual Analytics

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Hello @indo_irvan,


yours is a very good and common question. Thank you for addressing it.


First, let me explain something I think it would help: in the whole network works, including the URL-world, there is no such a thing as no port. No port, in URLs, means default port. In your case, for HTTP protocol, port 80 is the right one. For HTTPs, port 443 would apply.


Secondly, Since you deployed in 7980 by default, I understand SAS is installed on Linux. Linux does protect ports 1-1024 meaning, only the root user can open those ports, no other users (such as sas/sasinst user).


My best advise for you would be:


  1. Talk to your Linux administrators, to enable the port 80/443 (depending if you will use HTTP or HTTPS) for your sas/sasinst user, or modify the sas.servers script to make the SAS Web Server to be started by root user.
  2. Rather than modifying your configuration/deployment, I would recommend you to re-deploy a new SAS VA installation and move the contents from your current VA installation to the new one.


If you feel a bit overwhelmed by this task, I would highly recommend you to get assistance from a SAS installation expert. Your SAS representative will help you yo get in contact with one, either from SAS or an specialised installation partner.


Hope it helps.


Kind regards,


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