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How do I set a dynamic parameter in SAS VA when the report loads?

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How do I set a dynamic parameter in SAS VA when the report loads?

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I'm using SAS VA 7.1 (for now). I've got a row-level security table that I'd like to use to set a parameter on my dashboard when the dashboard is loaded. In the absence of other obvious approaches, I've elected to use a drop-down box with required set to true and the data source as the row-level security table. I've created the parameter based on a column in the row-level security table and set the parameter in the role for the drop-down box.


The behavior I expect to see when I open the report is that the required drop-down box populates with the only value (or the first of values) available after row-level security has been applied. I expect the parameter to be set and applied to any objects having the parameter referenced in their filters.


What I actually see is underwhelming. The drop-down box prompts me to select a value before the parameter is set. This behavior is counter-intuitive given that I've told VA I want the drop-down value to be required.


I would welcome any recommendations for actually automatically setting this parameter when the report and/or dashboard loads.

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