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Hiding the URL address.

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Hiding the URL address.

Hi everyone.


I am curious if there is any way to be able to hide the URL on a report within VA?  We have a number of reports that are accessed via a secure drive, so that only those staff with access to the secure drive can access these reports.  However, we have found that some staff are sharing these URL with others who do not have access to the secure drive.


I am aware we can place RLS on the reports, however we want to avoid that process.


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Hiding the URL address.

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Why not just deny those users read access to VA?

You don't need RLS for that, just set the permissions on the top folder of the metadata tree or in the default ACT.


I think you can create web pages that hides the url and even functions that removes them in the browser, but that seemes to be a lot of work when you instead can limit access via SAS Management console and metadata.


Just my 2 cents Smiley Happy



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