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HTTPS Certificate renew

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HTTPS Certificate renew

Dear SAS community,

we have VA 7.3

(SAS version: 9.04.01M3P062415)

installed in distributed mode. We have 2 midtiers with web apps.

Our https certificate is valid until half of next month. 


What steps from


should we do to update to the new one ?


Thank you very much,


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Re: HTTPS Certificate renew

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Hello @miki7,


in short, it is all the steps that are related to the new certificates. Assuming that the SSL certificates are applied only to the SAS Web Server, the steps would be:


- Backup and then overwrite your certificate, the chain (and the private key, if it was also updated) on the ssl folder on the SAS Web Server, keeping the same names.


- Backup your jscerts from the SASPrivateJRE on your servers (all of them, and optionally you can also backup the cacerts, just to be sure).


- Restart and validate the SAS Web Server (httpd only)


- Deploy the newcertificates (Root, CA, the server certificate) into the jscerts with the SAS Deployment Manager (SAS servers)


Deploy the new certificates (Root, CA, the server certificate) into the jscerts with the SAS Deployment Manager.(SAS clients)


- Restart the SAS services: generally it should be enough just with the middle tier, but I would ratther recommend all of the SAS Services, including the sas.exe for LASR.


- Validate the SAS Content Server


- Validate your VA application

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