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Grouping variables in SAS VA 7.3

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Grouping variables in SAS VA 7.3


I have a dataset with 40 different categorical variables,here i have to group 5 variables into one group and this has to be done to all 40 variables. Is there a way to do that.


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Re: Grouping variables in SAS VA 7.3

User12,  Would you be able to give me a bit more information?  Are you wanting to group the 40 variables into 8 groups of 5 or are you wanting to create 5 categories within each of the categorical variables? If it is the former, what do you need to do with the newly created groups? Thank you.

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Re: Grouping variables in SAS VA 7.3



Can you be more specific? If you are trying to group categorties together that is not possible in VA.However if there is a category which has different data vaules you can create a custom category to edit and manipulate those data values however you want.

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