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Graph taking input from multiple filters

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Graph taking input from multiple filters

Hi All

Appreciate any help on the issue below.


I need a Bar chart to be filtered based on input from two different drop downlists (Image illustrates desired output).

I do not know how to get the chart to respond to inputs from two controls.

(In essence it should do the same work a time slider does, but don't know the inner workings of a slider so cant replicate the effect)


Could someone please shed some light on this.


FYI: The two dropdows are cascading: they are supposed to be used to specify a range.

So if in the the first dropdown, you select 5...the second dropdown would should you the remained of the months (6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12)

When the user selects a month in the 2nd dropdown(for example '9'), the chart should show the range of months from 5 to 9.


Thanks a ton!

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Re: Graph taking input from multiple filters



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Re: Graph taking input from multiple filters

Hi shrutianand,


I'm glad that you found your solution! Can you share it with the community in case someone else runs into the same issue?



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