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Geo Region Custom Mapping

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Geo Region Custom Mapping

Hi All,

I am facing issues creating a Geo Region Map. However I do not find any issues with Geo Bubble Map.

When I use the geo region map, I convert region data item into geogrpahy data item by selecting 'country or region' option. Then I drag and drop on the geo region map.

However I find issues here. I am not getting the map and I am getting this following error ''The geographic data sets needed to display this report object were not found; possible centroids service failure''. Pls let me know how to overcome this error.

I am on 6.3


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Re: Geo Region Custom Mapping


I noticed that this is the same question you posted at It would be good if you could delete your other post so that there isn't duplication and new questions being posted in existing questions.

The error you're getting could be due to the values in your data item that you convert to a geography data item not being what is expected from Visual Analytics. Here is the list of geographical look up values Visual Analytics expects for Country or Region Name - Geographical Lookup Values for SAS Visual Analytics 6.3 and 6.4

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