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From date and To date in SAS

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From date and To date in SAS

Hi all,


We want to implement 'From Date' and 'To date' in our Report but don't want to use slider for the same.


Please can anyone suggest how to do it using 2 drop-downs.

We have tried using  2 parameters for the 2 drop-downs but dont know how to use it in 



Thanks and Regards,

Karuna Tiwari

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Re: From date and To date in SAS

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I did as a data source filter (not fully sure yet that this is optimal instead of doing it on the separat objects) with the following filter:



Månad is my date variable in my data, its character with the format YYYYMM. Månad_from is my from-parameter and Månad_tom is my to-parameter.


You add the drop-down to the report area, not the report or section prompt areas!


If you want to have the drop downs in the report/section area you need to have a separate dataset with the date values, otherwise both from and to will filter the data and you will just get the common date between them Smiley Happy



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