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Format not carrying through from EG to VA

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Format not carrying through from EG to VA

Hello, I have the following formatting in Enterprise guide:


proc format library=mylib;
picture positive_sign
low - < 0 = '00000.0'(prefix='-')
0 = '9'
0 < - high = '00000.0' (prefix='+');


The format works in the EG data set:

POsitive Sign.JPG

When we load the data set to SAS VA, we get the foolowing error:

VA Positive Sign.JPG

I have attempted to use a case statement with concat to get the positive sign to display with the value. However, that automatically turns the datatype to string when I want my end result to be numeric. 


Has anyone encountered this issue? Any help is appreciated. Thank you very much.

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Re: Format not carrying through from EG to VA

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The SAS format catalog where positive_sign is stored - in your case the file formats.sas7bcat in your library MYLIB needs to be copied over to the SAS VA folder location as described here:




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