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Few New User Questions

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Few New User Questions

I have been working with VA for a couple weeks now and have noticed a few items that have me scratching my head.  I have checked the User Guide and tried to search the board with no results yet, so thought that I would post.

1.  I have been able to figure out how to create a bar-line chart and a dual axis time series chart (line only), but no dual axis time series chart (bar-line).  Is there a workaround for the ranking to allow the bar-line chart to be sorted in a time series fashion?  Or a workaround to change one of the lines to a bar?

2.  While on the subject of ranking, while viewing multiple charts on the same sheet, is it possible to link the rankings so the charts all display in the same order?

3.  Using custom hierarchies, if I have multiple charts on the same page, is it possible to have the charts drill together?

4.  How about chart scaling... can I pick a master chart and have others on the same page scale off of that?

Thanks so much for your help.  If any of this has been covered before, please do not hesitate to point me to the appropriate post.

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Re: Few New User Questions

Dear CWB ??

Technically all of your questions are not directly available in VA.

If your questions are enhancements for VA is up to SAS.

Thing I wanted to point out is, after working with VA for more than a year, I would never thought about solving any of my issues in this way.

Not having any fundamental judgement regarding your way of working, I would like to help finding other ways of reporting your issues or approaching these issues.

My experience with VA reporting is to NOT try to copy your existing report but try to create something new and beyond expectation.

If you have any interest in ideas trying to solve your issues in a different way of report set-up, please be my guest and we can discus this in person.

Greetings  Peter

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