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Features in SAS VIYA 8.2

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Features in SAS VIYA 8.2

Hi All,


I'm currently creating a sample report in SAS VIYA 8.2 and wanted to know more about the features on Data Plan and Reports. I understand that Plan is equivalent to the Data Query of SAS VA 7.4 or older, but I can't find some features that are not present or maybe I don't know how to do it. Please see below for the screenshot and my questions.



Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 2.38.51 PM.png


* In all transformation, where can I find the distinct value feature? Somehow I can't find the features inside the properties unlike SAS VA it has a 'Unique values only' option on the properties.


*In SAS VA, I can make a query to be a subquery of my main query. Can I do this also in SAS VIYA? This could help me save memory space since I won't be writing an output after creating the subquery.


*I have some issue in printing a Geo Map to PDF. I tried printing a simple graphs and it works, but when it comes to Geo Map it won't produce any pdf files.


*Also, I want to know If I can delete a Transformation Step without re-working other transformation steps? For example, I have 10 transformation steps and I want to delete Step 5. In order for me to delete Step 5 I need to delete Steps 6-10 and recreate them again.



Thank you!



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