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Export Details turn off with custom category

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Export Details turn off with custom category

In working with Visual Analytics I found a minor bug that if your object depends on a filter of a custom category, SAS will turn off the ability to export the details for that object. You will still be able to export the formatted report, but the detail checkbox will disappear.


It can be easy to work around in that you can make the filter depend on the base Category and everything will work again, but it can be hard to trouble shoot.


This was in SAS 7.4

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Re: Export Details turn off with custom category

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I have not been able to reproduce this issue with a bar chart, a drop-down list, and a custom category. Can you provide the exact steps you are taking, including the control type and object type.


In my case, I used the SASHELP.CLASS table. I created a custom category on the Sex column and assigned it to a drop-down list.

I added a bar chart with Name and Age. I created an interaction to filter the bar chart by the drop-down list. I still see the Export Detail option when the bar chart is filtered.

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