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Executing a VA Report from an Application

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Executing a VA Report from an Application

Is it possible to :

1. create a link in another application or html page that runs a specific VA report

2. If  this is possible can parameters be added to the VA report to open the report showing specific information for a location.

For example, information is data entered into a MS SQL database with an application that provides some reporting. What I would like to do is to enable the users of this application to run a VA report only showing a specific geographic boundary (City) that relates to the user rather than just opening the VA report and then having the user select the specific geographic boundary (City) from a drop-down.


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Re: Executing a VA Report from an Application

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Hi Peter,

FYI, there was a similar discussion about this at

You can get the base report URL by going to File -> Email and potentially you could achieve what you are trying to do with a user-specific geographic boundary with Conditional Grants as I wrote about at Conditional Grants in SAS Visual Analytics I would suggest setting up groups though and have the conditional grant for the group.

For an example on the base report URL, below is the email that I get when I select File -> Email.


From: Michelle Homes

Modified by: Michelle Homes

Date Modified: Monday, 3 February 2014 09:24:57

If you are unable to access this report by clicking the image, copy and paste the following web address into your web browser.


With regards to the approach you want to do, I wasn't able to find in the VA documentation any information about this. Perhaps someone from SAS can advise if there is documentation on the structure of the URL, name/value pairs that are possible (example type=Report.BI, section=??? etc) and if it is possible to include custom parameters to specific report object components etc.



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Re: Executing a VA Report from an Application

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Hi SAS VA community & SAS staff,

I wanted to follow up on this discussion to see whether it is possible to have a SAS Visual Analytics report within an IFRAME and have parameters passed to it. In my above post I mentioned that when you select File -> Email in the email you get a URL, http://hostname.example.com:7980/SASVisualAnalytics/report?location=%2FVAERS%2FReports%2FVA%2FVaccin... It is clear that name=location, name=type, name=section are possible. What are other valid parameters and possible values? Are these documented, if so, where? And can the name/value pairs be extended to parameters that are used in section prompts too so a VA report can be used in an IFRAME as mentioned is possible with VA 6.3 and 6.4 at https://communities.sas.com/ideas/1506 ?

This may be of interest to others in the community and if anyone else has done this, please share your experiences...



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Re: Executing a VA Report from an Application

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Hi Michelle,

some time ago i built a simple web application with an iframe.

Something like this :

<iframe id="myFrame" style="width: 75%; height: 80%; border-width: 1px;" src="http://hostname/SASVisualAnalyticsViewer/VisualAnalyticsViewer_guest.jsp?appSwitcherDisabled=true&re...">

It is the same solution like SAS make it Risk and Capital Management Demo | SAS&reg; Visual Analytics

I only found this documented parameters

SAS(R) Visual Analytics 6.4: User's Guide

But i think you already know this.

For my application i am searching for a parameter to directly set prompts/filters within the url.  (?promptName=2014)

So maybe somebody know more Smiley Happy

kind regards


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Re: Executing a VA Report from an Application

Hi @mariusg,


I have a similar requirement of embedding a SAS VA report into a custom application.

I also used an iframe but the problem is -it is again asking for username and password to login.


I am aware that to achieve this we can use Guest access.

We have a User webanon but that is not working.


How to configure guest access?


Thanks in advance!!

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Re: Executing a VA Report from an Application

Posted in reply to MichelleHomes

Hi @MichelleHomes,


I'm implementing SAS VA using IFRAME, but the page keeps on loading and is not going further.

Where I'm going wrong.

Any guidance would be very helpful.

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