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Errors in changing data type

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Errors in changing data type








I am facing this issue frequently. I don't know why.

I am changing the data type of a column in the column editor (making it character) and changing the format aslo.

Even then, there are errors.



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Re: Errors in changing data type

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Can we see your SAS code? Can we see a larger portion of the SASLOG so we can see exactly what portions of the code this error refers to? Can you provide a relevant portion (not the entire data set) of the actual data used? And what is that table you showed a screen capture of (and what are those two columns in that table)?

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Re: Errors in changing data type

Hi Megha,


From what part of VA are you trying to make this change? It sounds like you are using the data builder (data preparation), but just wanted to be sure before giving advice.


Best regards,


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Re: Errors in changing data type

Yes I'm using the data preparation tab.

The steps that I'm following are:

1. I imported a table.

2. I selected all the required fields. 

3. Then in the Column Editor tab, I noticed one of the fields was of a different data type. It should have been Character instead. 

I changed the data type and the format here in the column editor tab itself.


But when I ran the script, It is returning errors.

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Re: Errors in changing data type

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Are you making sure the source file itself has it in character format? That may save you some trouble. Sometimes you can copy the existing variable and make the necessary changes on the new one. 


I get the error while trying to create a new variable with an incorrect function/format (put vs input and appropriate format).


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