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Error while rendering report in SAS VA

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Error while rendering report in SAS VA

Hi Experts, 


Frequently getting the below error: any idea what is the cause?


[FaultEvent fault=[RPC Fault faultString="error" faultCode="Channel.Call.Failed" faultDetail="NetConnection.Call.Failed: HTTP: Failed"] messageId="5B88C65B-40A2-1091-EE92-D3A75184801F" type="fault" bubbles=false cancelable=true eventPhase=2]




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Re: Error while rendering report in SAS VA

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Mmmm this error sounds a lot to me.


If it is a "random" error that happens only sometimes, and you have SAS 9.4 TS1M1 (SAS VA 7.1 I would say), then I think that your ActiveMQ server gets full. Please follow the steps on this SAS Note: http://support.sas.com/kb/53/801.html



I googled a bit, just in case than it might be something differen and I found this: http://support.sas.com/kb/52/871.html.

This would be the case if:

SAS Visual Analytics explorations might load slowly if they use the following:

  • categories with Numeric specified as the format
  • custom geography data items

I hope this can help a bit!

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