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Error: update access is not supported for file <extension.filename>

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Error: update access is not supported for file <extension.filename>

I am creating a blank dataset 'empty' and then trying to append data to it from dataset lasrlib.rebates_data:

options mlogic mprint symbolgen;
data lasrlib.empty;

Informat Retailer $3.;
Informat CODE $16.;
Informat NAME $66.;
Informat DESCRIPTION $20.;
Informat COLOURS $10.;
Informat UNIT_OF_MEASURE_UOM nlnum12.;
Informat USD_GROSS_PRICE_New nlnum12.;
Informat USD_REBATE_PRICE_New nlnum12.;
Informat USD_NET_PRICE_New nlnum12.;
Informat USD_REBATE_PRICE_REUSE nlnum12.;
Informat USD_PRICE_Reuse nlnum12.;
Informat AUD_GROSS_PRICE_New nlnum12.;
Informat AUD_REBATE_PRICE_New nlnum12.;
Informat AUD_NET_PRICE_New nlnum12.;
Informat AUD_REBATE_PRICE_REUSE nlnum12.;
Informat AUD_PRICE_Reuse nlnum12.;
Format Retailer $3.;
Format CODE $16.;
Format NAME $66.;
Format DESCRIPTION $20.;
Format COLOURS $10.;
Format UNIT_OF_MEASURE_UOM nlnum12.;
Format USD_GROSS_PRICE_New nlnum12.;
Format USD_REBATE_PRICE_New nlnum12.;
Format USD_NET_PRICE_New nlnum12.;
Format USD_PRICE_Reuse nlnum12.;
Format AUD_GROSS_PRICE_New nlnum12.;
Format AUD_REBATE_PRICE_New nlnum12.;
Format AUD_NET_PRICE_New nlnum12.;
Format AUD_PRICE_Reuse nlnum12.;

proc append base=lasrlib.empty data=lasrlib.Rebates_data


Continuously getting error: update access is not supported for file <extension.filename>

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Re: Error: update access is not supported for file <extension.filename>

My understanding is you need to use PROC IMSTAT to do in-memory LASR table appends:





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Re: Error: update access is not supported for file <extension.filename>

SA SKiwi, you are absolutely correct, and I had to use proc imstat. This issue that I am experiencing is while working with SAS Visual Analytics, I remember I have used proc append in the similar manner several times in SAS Enterprise Guide and it worked perfectly fine. not sure whats wrong in here. Thank you!

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